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Dale Heille

Master Chef

Dale Heille is a veteran of the pizzeria business having started working in a Chanticlear Pizza Restaurant when he was a sophomore in high school. Lucky enough to meet Chanticlear founder Richard ‘Dick’ Kempe, Dale immediately took to the pizza business. He worked for Chanticlear until 1995 when he was recruited by the world’s largest pizza chain to manage several of their stores. However, something was missing… while his new employer was big, they didn’t have the passion for quality pizza Dale had learned from Dick Kempe. It was more about the profit than the pizza. In 1995 Dick was ready to retire and Dale seized the opportunity to purchase the Chanticlear pizza business. Dick taught Dale that “The Pizza Is King” and this is something he passed onto Red when they first. What does that mean? Keep it real… don’t use fillers, chop fresh ingredients and grate your cheese off the block daily, and don’t add unnecessary ingredients like sugar – rather let the quality ingredients do the work. Today Dale works closely with Red to make sure the frozen offerings that carry the Chanticlear name are true to that tradition that started in 1964… “The Pizza Is King”.