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Chanticlear Frozen Pizza


Ryan ‘Red’ Elsner

Pizza Champion

Red has always had a passion for pizza! Whether it was anticipation as the smell of baking pizza filled his childhood home or the excitement of getting a great tasting pie at the local tavern after a long day of fishing in Northern Minnesota, Red has always found pizza to be the perfect food. In 2011 he followed his passion and left his corporate sales job to open his own pizzeria. Thrilled to share his pizza passion with delighted customers, Red was frustrated by frozen pizza. Frozen pizza was being mass produced by giant food companies with highly processed ingredients and just didn’t taste good. Red was convinced he could do better. Working in his pizzeria before it opened for the day and after the last customer said goodnight, he developed just the right approach to freezing his pizzas so they could be baked at home and deliver a great tasting pizza every time! Initially selling his product to local grocery stores, he’d make deliveries out of his car early in the morning before opening the pizza shop for the day. Demand exploded as people finally could make a great pizza at home. Red decided to close his shop and focus on getting his great tasting pizza into as many homes as possible. Today, Red gets up every morning with one purpose – make sure frozen pizza tastes great!